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pretending, self satisfaction? and stop just complaining!

today, I read one message.
there was the log of one meeting.
(this was not about my job. this was about one youth organization.)

they discussed the process that they proceed.
the out come was not enough.

there were some complains to person in charge.
I just thought that why did they say before end?
it is so easy to complain, especially, after that.
but we need to think fundamental agenda!

how to make consensus in motivation and vision.
how to lead movement.
how to show our vision to many people/

one of most terribly things is self satisfaction.
in that time, we tend to forgot the purpose.
why did we start to build it?

we are not strong.
and we are poor and fool.
we sometime forget the purpose.
and just enjoy and got satisfied.

we need to remember the stance before starting plan.
by smile-and-happy | 2009-10-27 23:47 | Opinion(English)

Japanese Football

Japan lost the game by Netherlands.
many people took bad comments to Japanese national team and players.

I love football.
but I am not supporter of Japan, I just love football.

however, I remembered one management skill when I saw the article of football.
it is difficult to increase number of people from outside.
we tend to see outside for solution.
but we should understand the importance to management, how you manage human resource, it means how you maximize their abilities.

back to Japanese football, I think players cannot be changed dramatically, 'cuz it is national team, only Japanese.
but we can change coach.
better coach can maximize players abilities.
by smile-and-happy | 2009-09-06 03:59 | Opinion(English)

Microfinance does not reduce poverty

I watched one article at the web log of Oxfamer.

I agreed with him.
Microfinance does not reduce poverty.
in any cases, I think Microfinance would make new economic gap.
moreover, I was surprised at following part "Supporting one streetseller to buy larger quantities of stock at lower prices may make sense for that individual, but if everyone does it, the market becomes saturated and retail prices (and incomes) are driven down" as he said.

I remembered what Andre said in Malaysia.
"there is no perfect man"
yes, and there is no perfect thing.
so we always need to see at critique.

although I respect Yunus who is founder grameen Bank, I must take note "there is no perfect".
by smile-and-happy | 2009-08-20 15:26 | Opinion(English)

why do you hate Communism?

as you know, I have good friends in Japan and other countries.
there is one thing I understand through traveling world.

in almost countries, many people hate communism.
although I am not member of communist party, I don't know why they hate communism.

at least, the (part of)idea of communism would help us....... hopefully.
but I think there is lack of human nature in Communism.
almost effort ran crazy to dictator country, killing innocent people.

back to topic, although I understand bad point and good point of Communism, maybe, I don't know the reason many people in almost countries hate communism.

by smile-and-happy | 2009-08-07 22:53 | Opinion(English)

Japanese National Interest and South Sudan

I went to United Nations University yesterday.
there was Policy Forum in UNU.
that was just 2 hours meeting.

one Japanese Diplomat who is charge in Africa came and briefed about history and present situation on South Sudan.
and more, there was ambassador of Sudan, and he is from South Sudan.

the forum was simple.
Japanese diplomat explained the history of Sudan, especially the relationship between South and North, the role of United Kingdom as making separation and rule.

it is interesting time, especially Question and Answer.
one Japanese graduated Student asked about conflict.
Ambassador and Japanese diplomat said "although culture is cause of conflict, this is not only one cause. mainly, political instability and wealth balance is more."
and ambassador said, it is difficult to distinguish the difference among tribes.
*in Sudan, there are over 600 tribes and 100 languages.
in my opinion, culture and ethnicity were used as tools to mobilize people for getting interest of limited people.

another Japanese student also asked to Japanese diplomat.
it was so interesting.
she asked "what is the strategy of Japanese Government? compare with other countries such as India, China, US, Japanese one looks no strategy in this region."
Japanese Diplomat said, "although we have the strategy, compare with others, Sudan is far from Japan."
...Yes, but I want to promote the relationship, sir.

People have the power to define what is national interest, because Japan has democratic mechanism.

Comment Reply
by smile-and-happy | 2009-07-25 03:15 | Opinion(English)

the purpose

sometime discussion go to what we did not expect.
we tend to forget the purpose of discussion during session.

what is the purpose?
is it common interest?

we should always note the purpose or we will waste our time.
by smile-and-happy | 2009-07-04 12:37 | Opinion(English)

L.T.T.E was Over?

according to Reuters, The Tamil Tigers conceded defeat in Sri Lanka's 25-year civil war on Sunday, with some staging suicide attacks to try to repel a final assault by troops determined to annihilate them.

L.T.T.E. was famous as the one of pioneer to introduce Child Soldiers.
as one of people who is opposed to Child Soldiers, I'm glad to stop the war.
in this war, many children were killed.
and international society did not pay attention so much.
so sad stories.

but most important thing is to resolve the root causes.
what makes war?

Violence never makes peace.
if peace come, this is just now!

in globalization, we are stakeholders of all the things.
especially, the people has responsibilities.
this is not noblesse oblige.
we lived here based on the system to exploit.

we eat much than the people in developing countries.
we consume electric powers much than them....
we enjoyed modern products that child labors made in unfair price.

let's think what we should do.
I know, all the people have family.
and this is primary.
sometime, too busy days made us ignorance.

I never say "do like Mother Teresa".
but please think what we can do.
and just do what we can do in daily lives.

if you have good idea, please share it with us!!
by smile-and-happy | 2009-05-18 03:08 | Opinion(English)

Propaganda, Fool of Human Being and Animal Farm

as you know, DPRK let off Rocket, not Intercontinental Ballistic Missile according to their official statement.

"This is the Crisis."
Almost Japanese media said so.
Yes, I agree with this.

but what is the problem?
according to Social Constructivism in International Relations, all the things are up to every actor.
for example, for Japan, United States has too much nuclear weapons and this is not threat for Japan. But DPRK does not think so. Or U.S.S.R and China in 1950s did not think so.

All the things are up to situations and contexts of each actor.
So I would like to say the problem was made by ourselves.
this is how to see the world, or how to recognize our selves.

Fuji TV did web-questionnaire "should Japan increase the defense (military) expenditure?"
"this is Non sense"
Hey guys, did you know how much money we spent to defense?

However, I agree that we should think how to protect our family and world.
and this is the mission of politician.
the fundamental purpose of diplomacy is same.

when I watched TV News Show, I remembered one word said by Fx Trader.
"In trade, I have never invested only one, I always have spread my risks."
Military Power is one of the tool, not only way.
moreover, increasing these money is not only way, transformation the military unit is one thing we can do .
in other way, we can make alternative approach.
this is soft power.
which country does D.P.R.K. depend on?
fortunately or unfortunately, D.P.R.K has a few close countries compare with Japan.
we can negotiate with these countries.
in Globalization, we can't live under Isolation.
we have many way to maximize our purpose.

in Japanese Media, there are so many bad information.
almost media used the word "North", not "DPRK" or even if not "North Korea."
all the time, I think media should keep to respect to other, not run for propaganda.
I hate too Ideologic news. they would bring about emotional politics.
what is the purpose and vision?
sometimes, Ideology hide the purpose and was changed to tools which maximize interests of limited people.

I read "Animal Farm" written by George Orwell.
fortunately or unfortunately, All Human Beings have Heart.
we are not machines.
we can feel, we can think, and we have the desire.

Identities such as nationality or religion, desire and fear always are used as tool to mobilize innocent people. these factor made innocent people to be killers.

In "Animal Farm", One old donkey is the symbol of this book.
"Only old Benjamin professed to remember every detail of his long life and to know that things never had been, nor ever could be much better or much worse-hunger, hardship, and disappointment being, so he said, the unalterable law of life. "
by smile-and-happy | 2009-04-06 00:37 | Opinion(English)

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